Aging in Place

Plumber installing new shower handi-cap system to save water and cut down on water bill well making it easyer for the disabled

Our Goal is to help seniors maintain independence in the comfort and safety of their own homes. Designs for active aging include enhancements and adaptations that can seamlessly integrate into the look and style of your home while providing a comfortable, safe environment for your specific needs.

Our Work includes a thorough inspection and assessment of your living space to determine what improvements need to be made for you to safely enjoy the comforts of home. A detailed scope of work plan is included as part of our basic package. We can also provide additional services, including architectural drawings, contractor referrals, and project management.

Our Suggestions for change range from simple solutions like the strategic placement of color on floors and walls in order to maximize depth perception (reducing the risk of falls), to more extensive renovations like the reconfiguration of the home’s entrance for ease of access. Below is a list of changes that may be relevant for your home.

Home Modifications for Aging In Place

  • Installing ramps, grab bars, support poles, hand rails, and shower seats
  • Replacing carpets and uneven floor surfaces
  • Widening doorways, replacing door handles
  • Installing low threshold bathtubs and showers
  • Increasing heights of toilet seats
  • Reconfiguring interior and exterior lighting
  • Installing adjustable shelving, accessible kitchen drawers and appliances
  • Reconfiguring furniture arrangement, assuring safe paths of travel

Proper home modifications can allow you or your family members to stay in their house safely longer!